Monday, June 10, 2013

One Year!

We cannot believe that it has already been a whole year.  Our wedding day honestly seems like it was a couple weeks ago.  A lot has happened and changed in the last year and we're still happier than ever to be married.  We decided that we will alternate who is in charge of the anniversary celebrations each year and so Mark took our first. Being as intelligent as he is, he decided to take the opportunity to surprise me. On Friday, Mark had me pack a weekend bag and we headed out in the early afternoon.

 I LOVE staying at hotels. Taking a break from laundry, cleaning, and cooking is fantastic but one night stays go by way too fast because you check-in in the afternoon and have to be out early the next morning which leaves little time to relax and enjoy the room.  So, Mark got us a two night stay at Thanksgiving Point, where we stayed exactly one year ago.  It was perfectly relaxing. 

 Friday evening we stopped by the Savage's to feed and see the kittens. We then walked around Traverse Mountain Outlet Mall and Cabela's before getting burgers at JCW's.

The next morning, after enjoying the continental breakfast, we walked over to the movie theater to see a matinee.  Since it was our official anniversary, we walked around the grounds where we had our wedding pictures taken and spied on the Irish festival that was going on.  We also visited the room where we had our Luncheon which brought back so many great memories.  

At our Luncheon we had these delicious fruit tarts for dessert but unfortunately, I was feeling a little sick.  I set my fruit tart on my plate after a tiny bite and decided I would save it for when I was feeling better, hopefully a few minutes later.  I got talking and visiting with our guests and when I turned around they had cleared our plates and all the food and I was so sad that I didn't get to eat my dessert on my wedding day!  After reflecting on this, Mark took me down to the cafe and bought me a fruit tart to make up for what I had missed one year earlier.  YUM.

After our walk/exploring we enjoyed the pool and hot tub for a bit.  That night, we were able to get tickets to the Salt Lake Bee's game.  A friend on the team put tickets in Will Call for us which happened to be right behind home plate.  It was our lucky day because there were also fireworks afterward! 

After we got back to the hotel, we sat on the bed and enjoyed the top of our wedding cake as we watched a RedBox.  Our cake was SO good. It was great on our wedding day and still great after being frozen for a year.  Way to go, Blue Lemon! 

It was a fun, relaxing weekend and everything that we needed to celebrate one year together.  Marriage is great and we plan to keep making it even greater for the next few forevers!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The end of May and the beginning of June were full of celebrations for us! 

Saturday, May 25th was Mark's 26th birthday! 
 I made Mark some breakfast and then while Mark played a few games I snuck his presents onto the bed and it took him almost 20 minutes to notice them! He really wanted to open them but I made him wait a couple hours.  

It was a beautiful day so we went up the canyon and hiked up Bridal Veil Falls.  We enjoyed the cool mist up at the top and then went to the pond of fish at the bottom and tried to pet some Trout.  (Mark was successful several times).

When we got back home Mark immediately opened his presents.  He got a new pair of shorts and a T-shirt, new underwear,  "Basketball for Dummies" with a promise that I will read it, some Old Spice body wash, candy, and drum-roll...... some KD V's! He had no idea he was going to get them but he was in desperate need of some new basketball shoes.  Kevin Durant is Mark's favorite MBA player. 

We then went to dinner at P.F. Chang's, somewhere Mark had been wanting to try for a long time.  Of course, we forgot to take a picture of our food until AFTER we were almost done. It was delicious and we weren't too mad that the waitress forgot to bring Mark his free dessert.  

We then went to Orem to meet up with Brandon, Marianna, David, and Kelsey for some mini golf.  It was a lot of fun and we took a plethora of pictures.  

Of course, the birthday boy beat us all.  

We then headed over to Brandon and Marianna's to have homemade cheesecake and sing Happy Birthday.  

David and Kelsey were kind enough to give Mark a very cute puppet for his birthday.  

Happy 26th to the love of my life!!!

Sunday, June 2nd was my 24th birthday!
Because my birthday was on Sunday, Mark and I planned to celebrate on Saturday. 

Friday evening, my amazing friends Sarah and Aubrey took me out to dinner.  We met at Sarah's house first and they were so sweet to have brought me gifts!  

A few months ago, Sarah and I went down to her home in St. George and we were in the quilting store where her mom works.  Sarah is an extremely talented quilter and I saw a quilt on the wall that I LOVED.  I convinced Sarah to make me a quilt as a combined wedding, Christmas, and birthday gift.  I had not heard anything about it in a while and was not expecting it anytime soon.  When we met up at Sarah's, she surprised me with the finished quilt!!! Seriously, one of the most beautiful things I now own.  I love that I will forever have this reminder of her and our friendship in my home.  

We then drove out to Johnny Carino's, about a 45 minute drive, simply because they give out an amazing piece of chocolate cake for birthdays.  We each got one of their brick-oven pizzas and shared the chocolate cake.  So delicious and so worth it.  

After dinner we went shopping at Old Navy and spent way too much money.  (Except it doesn't count if it's your birthday, right?)  The evening was so fun and I'm blessed to call them my friends. 

Saturday morning, Mark made me my favorite breakfast-in-bed, German pancakes. After surprising me with beautiful roses and after getting ready, I got to open up my presents: A framed picture of one of our favorites from our wedding, some new perfume, a gift card to See's Candies (Good Man!),  a new movie for us, and drum roll..... A NEW PHONE!!! For years I have never known the convenience and entertainment that a smart phone can offer. Finally, I no longer had to wonder. I LOVE my Galaxy SIII.  He did such a good job!   

THEN, (this boy has finally learned and realized HOW much I love surprises) ...another surprise!!! We were headed to the zoo for the day!  I had been saying for months how much I wanted to go to the zoo.  It was a great day and even though a large portion of the zoo is closed, it was so much fun.

We had to visit the elephants a few times. 

The Bird Show was probably one of our favorites and really exceeded our expectations. Having huge eagle's and owl's wings brush the top of our heads as they flew by was pretty cool.  

After the zoo, we went to Chili's for dinner and then ANOTHER SURPRISE!  We were headed to the Salt Lake Bee's baseball game.  The game was a lot of fun and of course, we had gone to Smith's right before to sneak in some treats.  

SIDE STORY: As they were announcing the Bee's players, I wasn't really paying attention until I heard a name I recognized and my eyes shot up to the screen and I said, "I know him!!!" Mark kind of chuckled and did not believe me.  (I'm usually really bad with names and faces.)  So I got on my brand new beautiful phone and showed Mark how I was friends with A.J. on Facebook and knew him from high school. It was a lot of fun to watch him pitch the first 5 innings and it honestly helped me pay WAY more attention. 

 I had actually messaged A.J. at the beginning of the game letting him know that we were there and after the 5th inning, he messaged us back!  He told us that he could get us tickets anytime if we'd like.  So we actually ended up going to two more Bee's games because he was so nice to put tickets in will call for us!

After the game there were fireworks...which are one of my favorite things on this planet.  

It was an incredible day! BUT....the celebrations weren't over!  Sunday, we went to church at 1 and got to play with our adorable nursery kids. 

After church we went to Brandon and Marianna's for a barbecue with David and Kelsey and Uncle Scott.  They made some great bratwursts and we enjoyed dinner on the deck.  Brandon and Mare gave me some cute earrings and my favorite drug, diet Dr. Pepper.  

Thank you to all my friends and family for the wonderful birthday!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All Grown Up

In the middle of April, the nice weather lured us outside for a picnic.  We got some drinks from Smiths and picked up some subs from Sensuous Sandwich.

The weather and food made our little picnic great but we had an uninvited guest join us who made it even better!

This little guy came bolting at us and joined us for about 30 minutes with no owner in sight.

One can only guess why he hung around for so long...

Ok, ok... this broke my heart!  The poor little thing followed us to the car and hopped right in.  However, he did look well groomed and (a little too) well fed so we left him at the park to find his way home.  

This past weekend was an exciting one.
Drumroll please...............


Mark's wonderful parents flew in for the big event.  Before commencement on Thursday, we went to lunch at Los Hermanos. We met up with Mark's old roommate Dan and his family.

Commencement had L. Tom Perry as the speaker.
(Left: Mark and Dan during the procession) 

Such a special boy...

Mark and Dan were roommates since freshmen year and graduated together 7(ish) years later.

So proud!

Friday morning we met up with our bud, Cecil...

...and took some pictures with our grad:

Again, so special. 

Before Convocation, we went to the BYU Bookstore and Mark was so excited that his mom bought him a chemistry model kit...
(Ha! He pulls off 'excited nerd' well, don't ya think?)

 and then the parents took us to Tucanos for lunch.

Then we got to see our Marky get his well-earned diploma!

Kelsey graduated too!

The Cousins:

The Morrisons:

During the capture of the above picture, Mark said "One of these 
things is not like the other." 

Below is my attempt to fit in:

(Mark is a December Graduate.)

We're so proud of you Mark!

Only 4 more years of school to go! (Maybe.)