Monday, June 10, 2013

One Year!

We cannot believe that it has already been a whole year.  Our wedding day honestly seems like it was a couple weeks ago.  A lot has happened and changed in the last year and we're still happier than ever to be married.  We decided that we will alternate who is in charge of the anniversary celebrations each year and so Mark took our first. Being as intelligent as he is, he decided to take the opportunity to surprise me. On Friday, Mark had me pack a weekend bag and we headed out in the early afternoon.

 I LOVE staying at hotels. Taking a break from laundry, cleaning, and cooking is fantastic but one night stays go by way too fast because you check-in in the afternoon and have to be out early the next morning which leaves little time to relax and enjoy the room.  So, Mark got us a two night stay at Thanksgiving Point, where we stayed exactly one year ago.  It was perfectly relaxing. 

 Friday evening we stopped by the Savage's to feed and see the kittens. We then walked around Traverse Mountain Outlet Mall and Cabela's before getting burgers at JCW's.

The next morning, after enjoying the continental breakfast, we walked over to the movie theater to see a matinee.  Since it was our official anniversary, we walked around the grounds where we had our wedding pictures taken and spied on the Irish festival that was going on.  We also visited the room where we had our Luncheon which brought back so many great memories.  

At our Luncheon we had these delicious fruit tarts for dessert but unfortunately, I was feeling a little sick.  I set my fruit tart on my plate after a tiny bite and decided I would save it for when I was feeling better, hopefully a few minutes later.  I got talking and visiting with our guests and when I turned around they had cleared our plates and all the food and I was so sad that I didn't get to eat my dessert on my wedding day!  After reflecting on this, Mark took me down to the cafe and bought me a fruit tart to make up for what I had missed one year earlier.  YUM.

After our walk/exploring we enjoyed the pool and hot tub for a bit.  That night, we were able to get tickets to the Salt Lake Bee's game.  A friend on the team put tickets in Will Call for us which happened to be right behind home plate.  It was our lucky day because there were also fireworks afterward! 

After we got back to the hotel, we sat on the bed and enjoyed the top of our wedding cake as we watched a RedBox.  Our cake was SO good. It was great on our wedding day and still great after being frozen for a year.  Way to go, Blue Lemon! 

It was a fun, relaxing weekend and everything that we needed to celebrate one year together.  Marriage is great and we plan to keep making it even greater for the next few forevers!  

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